2017 Travel Plans

This solo trip is my most ambitious of my whole life. As of  December 2016, most of my travel plans are fairly tentative, but with this itinerary you can begin to get an idea of where I will be and when. As dates/places become firm over time, those items will be listed in orange and bolded. Those are the ones that will be more difficult to change.


As mentioned on an earlier page, my goal on this trip is to connect with other people who like to spin and knit—especially lace knitters. I am happy to informally visit with you in your home or accompany you to a knitting or spinning group. I can also make more formal presentations or short classes. You can see a list of those here.


If you would like to invite me to visit you or your fiber group (or any kind of group, for that matter) on a certain day or time, please email me and we can begin a conversation about what will work for both of us.  Send as many details as you can:

¨ Location

¨ Preferred date(s) (Please see my tentative schedule below)

¨ Would you like a class or presentation

· Formal—for example, a class for a group of people
Classes and Presentations)

· Informal—for example, knitting and with you and/or some friends in your living room.

¨ Would you like me to stay overnight?  Can you provide a place to sleep? (I am not picky! See recommendations from previous hosts here.)

¨ Anything else you would like to know


Text Box: Summary of my 2017 Itinerary: 

June 1-22	Vashon Island, WA
Late June-July	Iceland, Scotland
August	England, Wales
Sept.–Early Oct.	Walking the Camino de Santiago, Spain   
Mid. Oct. 	Possibly Portugal
Oct. 25–Nov 15	Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden
Nov. 15–Dec 5	Estonia
December	Russia 
January	Thailand (very tentative)
Scroll down for detailed itinerary.
This schedule is very tentative at present. 
As plans develop I will update them here.

2017 Itinerary Details:


June              Vashon Island, WA & Iceland


June 1                  Arriving Vashon

June 8-11            Vashon Sheepdog Classic Fiber Arts Village

                              (Drop by on Friday at 1:00 or Saturday or Sunday at 11:00 to see my “Sheep to Sweater” demonstration)


June 22             Fly to Reykjavik, Iceland for 2 days

June 25             Fly to Glasgow, Scotland


July               Scotland

No set plans at this date, but I plan to meet some of the many, many fiber people throughout the country. (Email me with ideas! I would love to meet you!) Here is the tentative somewhat clockwise circuit I plan beginning in Glasgow. Dates are approximate.


June 25-28         Visit Glasgow & New Lanark Mill

June 29-July 6  Walking the West Highland Way or Rob Roy Way(dates approximate)

July 6-7                Fort William

July 8-12              Skye, Dornie, Castle Eilean Donan

July 13-17             Travel north and northeast toward Aberdeen.

                                 (Knockando Wool Mill)

July 18-25           Shetland Islands

July 26-31           Edinburgh and environs


August         Wales, Southern England


I have a friend in Bristol, which I plan to connect with and possibly use for a base, but my current tentative plans also include:    

¨ Hiking in the Yorkshire Dales

¨ Treks in Wales (possibly Offa’s Dyke and/or part of the Wales Coast Path)

¨ Meet some of the many, many fiber people throughout the country
(Email me with ideas! I would love to meet you!)


September    Spain: The Camino de Santiago


Sept. 17– Oct 22  (These dates are tentative.)

The genesis of this entire trip was the idea to make this pilgrimage and it is my main reason for the trip to Europe. I will probably be hiking the Camino del Norte beginning in Bilbao or Santander on the coast. I am willing to take time off occasionally from my trekking to meet local fiber people in northern Spain. I will be travelling with my needles and spindle! 


Mid to Late October     Portugal or Spain (tentative plans)


I plan to plant myself in a small town for 2-3 weeks to get some work done and get to know the community. I will be looking for a room or small affordable apartment, with wi-fi access. A market nearby would be very special.


November      Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden


As the weather turns cold, I will be making my way around western Europe with the goal of reaching Estonia in 2-4 weeks. At this point, my itinerary is completely open to many possibilities.   


Early December                 Estonia       


It is a good thing that knitting is a good winter sport, considering when I will be visiting this country in northeastern Europe! Estonia has been a long-time goal of mine to visit because I LOVE Estonian lace—nuups and all! Well, especially the nuups! I look forward to meeting some of these most talented of lace knitters and learning a few things from them—if I can come close to keeping up!


Mid to Late December     The Trans-Siberian Railroad (and Orenburg?)


This is very tentative, and I may decide not to do this depending on a lot of factors—not the least of which may be that I am just tired of travelling by this time. After reading about the Trans-Siberian Railway while working on a book layout for a client (Solutionary Rail), I was inspired to attempt this trip. I am also considering making a side trip to Orenburg, another place where a beautiful form of lace knitting is done.


December/January     Thailand (This is very, very tentative)


I have some thoughts to work on a book and I may retreat to some lovely beach village here to work on it. For those who have travelled to Thailand, I would love your suggestions for locations.



Currently, I plan to return to Hawai’i via Seattle and
Vashon Island, Washington in December or January.

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