Travelling Solo and Loving It

Description: I spent two of our winters in Peru (summer in Peru) living and experiencing the country and people. From being afraid to step outside the door on my first day, I came away with a comfort in traveling solo as an older woman, making new friends, learning new skills, trekking at 10,000 feet, and finding joy in everyday experiences. Now I am planning my next solo excursion for 2017!


Suggested Audience: Anyone interested in travelling solo and/or independent of standard tours.


Travel Blog

Cost: I present this presentation for free to groups I am visiting with on my travels.


What I provide:

 Slideshow with anecdotal presentation


What you provide:

 Area with chairs for attendees

 Small table for my laptop

 Projector with hookups and screen

 Publicity/invitations to your group or community

To request a presentation:

Send an email to me with information about your group and dates and times that will work for you.