Off the Beaten Track: Peruís Hidden Treasures

Description: I spent two of our winters in Peru (summer in Peru) living and exploring the food and fiber.† When I travel, I do a lot of research and ask a lot of questions of locals to find the hidden treasures where few tourists ever go. Some require a bit of effort to get to, but many are right under the touristís nose. In this presentation, I will share a few of my ďfindsĒ in and around the Sacred Valley and Puno. But more importantly, I will show you how you can find hidden treasures wherever you go.


Suggested Audience: Anyone interested in travelling to Peruís Sacred Valley or the Puno/Lake Titicaca area.


Cost: I present this presentation for free to groups I am visiting with on my travels.


What I provide:

® Slideshow with anecdotal presentation

Travel Blog

What you provide:

® Area with chairs for attendees

® Small table for my laptop

® Projector with hookups and screen

® Publicity/invitations to your group or community

To request a presentation:

Send an email to me with information about your group and dates and times that will work for you.