Herd of Alpacas

Knitted Hat Pattern

Use fingering weight alpaca or wool yarn to knit your own cozy herd of alpacas. My son wears his all winter long and gets lots of comments on it. 


This is a great pattern for learning: 

 how to knit a watchman style cap from the top down.

 a new cast-on technique (Begin with just 8 stitches!).

 color-work knitting using a chart.

 a stretchy bind-off.


There are tips for working the chart as well as how to manage the strands that are created in a colorwork pattern.


Instructions are given for Small (18-20" around), Medium (20-22"), and Large (21-23") sizes.

Difficulty: Medium


Guage: 6 stitches/inch using fingering weight yarn on approximately size 4 needles (or size needed to achieve the correct guage.)


Yarn: Light fingeringweight alpaca or wool yarn. One skein each. Or, if you are working from your stash, the yardage in parentheses gives you an idea of how much you will need for each color. 

Color A: Dark brown (90 yards) 
Color B: Tan (45 yards)
Color C: Cream (40 yards)

Or use the colors of your choice!


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