Getting Started with Lace Knitting

This is a short (approximately 45 minutes) presentation to demonstrate how one can get started knitting lace.


Description: This is a hands-on demonstrations. Students will work on a small swatch which demonstrates basic lace knitting concepts.


You will learn about:

¨ Lace knitting stitches and how they are used

¨ How to read basic charts and tips for making them easier to read

¨ How and why to block lace

¨ Resources for learning more


Prerequisites: You should be able to cast on and bind off using any method, knit and purl comfortably, and be able to read basic written knitting directions.


Cost: I present this demonstration for free at knitting and other fiber arts groups I am visiting with on my travels.


Materials:  I will send you a list of materials and tools participants will need a couple weeks before the demonstration.


What I provide:

¨ Handouts with exercises and resources

¨ Sample swatches and end products


What you provide:

¨ Area with chairs (and preferably tables) for attendees to sit and work on a small project comfortably



To set up a class: Send an email to me (address below).

Contact:            Cathy Fulton, 206-463-5652



Comments from past participants:


“Cathy’s lace knitting classes are well organized, informative, affordable, and fun!  She is an experienced teacher who eagerly shares her knowledge but also listens to her students to tailor her teaching to their needs.”


Note: I also offer a longer hands-on lace knitting workshop.  See details here.

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