Quest for Fiber in Peru

Description: My original reason for travelling to Peru and living there for a season was to explore the area where most of our alpaca fiber comes from, and to engage with the women there who knit and spin. Once there, I learned that it was not always easy to find pure alpaca fiber—it is common to include acrylic in products—especially in tourist regions. Asking a lot of questions helped in my quest, but learning to accept certain realities while travelling was also valuable and enlightening.



Suggested Audience: Anyone interested in Peruvian fiber arts, or learning about dealing with travel expectations verses reality.


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Cost: I present this presentation for free to interested groups. 


What I provide:

¨ Slideshow with anecdotal presentation
(approximately 45 minutes)


What you provide:

¨ Area with chairs for attendees

¨ Small table for my laptop

¨ Projector with hookups and screen

¨ Publicity/invitations to your group or community


To request a presentation:

Send an email to me with information about your group and dates and times that will work for you.