Beautiful Holes: Beginning Lace Knitting


I can present this as a full day class, or two half-day classes. I recommend the latter, allowing a week or so between the two classes so members can have a chance to practice.


I can present a shorter version in a half-day (3˝ to 4 hours).


Description: This is a hands-on workshop class. Students will work on various swatches during class which demonstrate the basic facets of lace knitting.


The first half-day class includes:

¨ Different kinds of lace knitting

¨ Lace knitting stitches and how they are used

¨ How to read charts and tips for making them easier to read

¨ Types of yarn and needles to use

¨ Other supplies you need

¨ How to block lace


In the second half of the class (whether offered the same day or a different day), students will learn about:

¨ Special cast ons and bind offs

¨ How to read your lace knitting

¨ Lace edgings

¨ How to correct mistakes

¨ Converting written instructions to charts and vice-versa


I will also recommend projects that are easy for beginning and intermediate lace knitters. Attendees can also bring patterns that they would like to try and I can help them get started.


Prerequisites: Participants should be able to cast on and bind off using any method, knit and purl comfortably, and be able to read basic written knitting directions.


The cost:*

(This is the fee for presenting to a class of up to 15 participants—not per individual.)

Half-day class: $350.00

Full-day or Two half-day classes:  $550.00


You may register up to 15 participants per class and determine how much to charge each person.


*   Note to LYSs and knitting groups I will be visiting on my travels to the UK and Europe in 2017: I am so excited to be visiting and learning about fiber in your country, that I am happy to present any of my classes/presentations free of charge while I am travelling. I am happy to accept overnight accommodations/hosting in trade. Please email me if you are interested and we will work out arrangements.

Note: I also offer a short (one hour) hands-on lace knitting demonstration for knitting groups. See details here.

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Materials:  I will send you a list of materials and tools students should bring. Most knitters will already have most of the items.


What I provide:

¨ Extensive handouts with exercises and resources

¨ Projected slides showing videos and images of techniques

¨ Sample swatches and end products


What you provide:

¨ Classroom space with tables and chairs for attendees

¨ Projector to which I can connect my laptop, and screen



¨ Snacks/drinks participants

¨ If you are a LYS, you may wish to set up a special display of laceweight and fingering yarns, lace needles, blocking wires and boards, etc.


To set up a class: Send an email to me (address below).

Contact:        Cathy Fulton, 206-463-5652




Comments from past participants:


“Cathy broke down lace knitting into its component parts and de-mystified a previously inscrutable art. Thanks to Cathy, I have ventured in to lace knitting with great success.”



“Cathy is a fabulous teacher! She explains things very clearly and is infinitely patient. And she’s never shy about sharing her own “ah-ha” moments when they happen during a class she’s teaching. There’s nothing better than a teacher who keeps on learning herself!”