Paper Automata

automaton [aw-tom-uh-ton]  noun

a mechanical figure or contrivance constructed to act as if by its own motive power; robot.

Breaching Orca Kit                                                   $5.95


Turn the handle and watch the orca breach.

Build your own paper automata and amaze your friends!

Everything, including detailed instructions, to build this intriguing paper toy, is included in the downloadable kit. Just print on cardstock, cut, fold and glue together.

Suggested for ages 12 and up; younger with help.


The kit contains two .pdf files:

Printable Base, Mechanism,  and Orca

Instruction Booklet

Tools & Materials
You Supply


Scissors (small short blades are best)

Glue (plain white glue, like Elmer’s®, works just find)

Ruler or other straightedge



Small paintbrush

Paper clips or other small clips

Sticky notes (like Post-its®)

Cutting mat

Exacto® knife

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