A little about me...

I am Cathy Fulton,  a 60+ year-old fiber artist and graphic designer, semi-retired.  I have my own business which I run from wherever I am. I enjoy travel, especially when it involves hiking, camping, fiber, and food (not necessarily in that order). I spent the (northern hemisphere) winters of 2014 and 2015  living in and exploring Peru and learning about fiber and the people and cuisine there. There I discovered how special it is to interact with people who share common interests.


This next year, I am planning what may turn out to be an around-the-world trip, with the intention of doing some trekking and also meeting people who share my passion for knitting and spinning—especially knitting lace. Here are the countries I tentatively plan to visit, beginning Summer 2017:

¨ Iceland

¨ Scotland

¨ Southern England

¨ Wales

¨ Northern Spain

¨ Portugal

¨ Belgium

¨ Netherlands

¨ Denmark

¨ Sweden

¨ Estonia

¨ Russia


You can see a more detailed itinerary as it evolves here.


I have an extensive blog about the two winters (our winters/their summers!) that I spent in Peru. You can read that here: Travelblog.CathleensHands.com. It will give you more insight about who I am..


On my Itinerary page, you can also see my plans for meeting locals and how you can contact me if you would like to share your home, fiber group, or love of your community with me as I pass through your country.


If you would like for me to make formal or informal presentations about knitting or my travel experiences to your group, see my Classes and Presentation page.


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